Real Story On Electronic Cigarettes

The E-cigarette is a small, electronically controlled device that exactly resembles and feels like a real tobacco cigarette. It provides the complete smoking experience from the tactile feeling of the cigarette in your hand to the sensation of drawing smoke.

Unlike the tobacco cigarette, there are no carcinogens and toxins emitted. Designed to provide the pleasures of smoking without inhaling toxins and giving off second hand smoke, ecigs have become recently very popular.

The number one benefit is there is absolutely no second hand smoke. The electronic cigarette gives off a light water vapor that contains no smoke whatsoever. This will thrill your friends and family who do not smoke and allow you to again smoke in most places labeled as off limits to smoking. Nightclubs and restaurants are no longer off limits if you want to get your smoke on.

Another huge plus is the e-cig will save you money making it is easy to understand why they have become so popular. The cost of an electronic cigarette cartridge (contains the nicotine e-liquid) is about $1.5. One cartridge is comparable to one pack of cigarettes. This means you can save about $5 per pack of cigarettes. Over one year's time, your savings will be in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

There are expenses associated with e-cigs. Your initial cost will be about $100 for a "Starter Kit". After, you'll need to purchase e-liquid as you use it and replace the battery ($10) and atomizer ($10) according to how much you smoke. A pack a day smoker will likely use 2-3 batteries and 1-2 atomizers per year.

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